Historically this type of mattress was most popular with hotel and guest houses, as they offered the proprietor the flexibility of having two single mattresses that could be used on single beds, or quickly zipped together to create a larger bed for couples. Nowadays, zip and link mattresses are becoming ever more popular in residential homes, because of the practicality and flexibility they can offer, without compromising on the quality expected.

Consider, if you have limited access through to your bedroom, for instance in a loft or via a tight staircase, but have always dreamed of owning a king or super king mattress, a zip and link option provides much greater flexibility. The mattress parts are delivered in two equal halves, making the distribution of them so much more manageable.

When you take account of the fact that a large, high quality mattress can be in excess of 75kg, being able to effectively half the weight by easily unzipping the mattress, in order to allow you to turn and rotate sections, and then simply zipping them back together, is a key practical benefit. It is also worth noting, that the same fashion as our dual zone option, zip and link mattresses can be manufactured with each half of the mattress having its own spring tension, customising the level of support to suit your individual requirements.