The key feature with our Tatton range is that all these UK manufactured mattresses contain a significant proportion of natural fillings, ranging from 60% to 75%. These include lamb’s wool, cotton and cashmere, to create a supreme level of comfort. Our first two Tatton mattresses contain our high quality pocket spring, whilst the latter two have been constructed using a handcrafted Calico pocket spring unit, which offers the ultimate supportive and comfort quality.

All quality mattresses within this range are finished with 100% natural Damask ticking, genuine hand stitched sides and traditionally hand tied woollen tufts, continuing the high level of quality feel these pocket spring mattresses offer. For that extra level of customisation, not only can customers select the supportive firmness of the spring units, on king and super king size mattresses, they can also opt to have differing spring tensions within each half of the mattress, known as dual zone, providing a more bespoke mattress option for couples.

Key Features:

  • Pocket spring mattress
  • Handcrafted Calico pocket spring options
  • 60% to 75% natural fillings
  • 100% natural Damask ticking
  • Genuine hand stitched sides
  • Dual zone option
  • 7 year to 10 year mattress guarantee