After discovering our mattress was in fact 10 years old, we realised it was about time we invested in a new one! On reflection, it was no wonder it lacked the support and comfort we all need for a good night’s sleep.

Whilst visiting high street mattress retailers, we found countless options from varying manufacturers, which more often than not lacked any transparency with regards the mattress construction. Ultimately this left us with no way of actively comparing mattresses between one another. Coupled with commission driven sales people, who often had limited knowledge and ultimately were more interested in achieving the sale, than actually considering and meeting our needs and requirements, left us undecided and frustrated.

During one of our regular weekend catch ups, we found ourselves discussing these experiences and frustrations with our close friends of 20 years. It soon became apparent that they had experienced the same situation, which sparked us into considering what better options there are. We quickly identified that with our busy professional lives, along with our young families, the use of an online service that you can access at your leisure was the ideal. In our opinion, the key requirement was for that service to provide a condensed number of options, which were clearly detailed and easily comparable, in order to aid the customer in selecting the most suitable mattress for their needs.

Whilst quite often the ideal ‘idea’ just remains that; an idea, after further discussions we believed that by pooling our respective skills and passion to achieve quality, that this was something the two families could deliver together; and so, Alexandra Designs was born. So started countless hours of extensive research and meetings with various suppliers and manufactures, so that we were confident we could achieve not only the quality, but also the customer value, we envisaged from the outset.

Our primary goal was to provide a carefully selected range of luxury and UK manufactured mattresses, each with transparency regarding their specification, enabling our customers to make an informed and unpressured decision. We welcome you to explore our website and decide for yourself if we’ve achieved the AD goal.