In order to ensure you continue to get the best night’s sleep, and your luxury mattress lasts as long as it can, we have provided the following guidance with our knowledge on the best way to take care of your new mattress. Please note that the mattresses we offer are all traditional pocket spring mattresses, and therefore this guide is only applicable to this type of quality mattress.

Care when Unpacking or Moving

Once manufactured, all of our luxury mattresses are double bagged to ensure they arrive with you undamaged, and in the same quality condition as when they were made. On arrival, the outer bag is removed to ensure only clean packaging is brought into your property, and then our specially trained delivery team will take the mattress to your specified room of choice. All packaging will be gathered by our delivery operatives for disposal.

If you are moving the mattress yourself, be it to another room in the house, or if you are moving home, we highly recommend that you look to re-bag the mattress, or use some form of cover to avoid any damage in transit. Please be advised that, whilst the handles can be used for turning and rotating the mattress, they are not designed to take the full weight over a long period of time, or where the mattress is being jolted by movement e.g. carrying down stairs. Do not bend, or attempt to fold your mattress, as this will permanently damage the internal spring unit.

It is advised that in all cases no fewer than two capable people attempt to lift or move a mattress, particularly where some of our mattresses in super king size can be in excess of 75kg. In these instances, we would recommend that a minimum of three, or possibly even four people are involved with any lifting.

Mattress Expectations

It is worth noting that once your mattress has been unwrapped it may have a slight odour. This is perfectly normal, particularly where natural materials have been stored in plastic packaging for transportation, and the odour will disappear after the mattress has been aired for a few days. Please also note that during the packaging and transportation of your mattresses, it is normal for its dimensions to marginally reduce, however once it is unpackaged and laid on your bedframe to settle, it will naturally relax back to its correct size.

Impressions or body indentations are normal characteristics within a high quality mattress. These are simply caused by settlement of the infill upholstery, conforming to the shape of your body. These can be more noticeable in larger mattresses such as super king sizes, due to the increased area that a person’s body covers.

Please don’t be concerned if your mattress initially does not meet your expectations in terms of its feel, when compared to your old mattress. Remember your old mattress is likely to be many years old and it will take a least a few weeks for your body to become accustomed to the new mattress, and equally for the mattress materials to settle into supporting your body shape and weight.

Turning and Rotating

With the exception of our Delamere 1200 product, all our mattresses are turnable, which means when turned over they have the same construction build-up on the opposite side, in other words they have the same fillings and upholstery on each side of the spring unit. Due to the specific visco memory foam construction of the Delamere 1200, whilst it is not suitable for turning over, this mattress should still be rotated head to foot on a regular basis.

In the first two months you should look to turn your mattress over and rotate it head to foot every week, and then continue to do this on a two month basis. We recommend this as it allows the upholstery to settle appropriately, improves the ventilation of your mattress and ultimately helps to distribute normal wear and tear more evenly, subsequently prolonging the quality and useful life of the mattress.

Mattress Protectors

Prevention is the best form of protection, and maintaining a clean mattress is important to not only secure the longevity of your mattress, but equally to ensure a healthy sleep environment. A mattress protector is certainly a worthwhile investment, particularly when you consider how much you will be investing in your new mattress. Protectors offer discrete protection against spills, stains and dirt, with most that are available for sale being machine washable, ensuring they will continue to offer protection. For those with allergies, anti-allergy protectors are also available, providing a barrier to household dust mites which can aggravate allergies.

In the event that you are using a slatted bed frame, we would advise that you use a mattress pad between the mattress and the timber slats, in order to avoid any abrasion, staining or discolouration to the mattress fabric, by the timber. Since almost all of our mattresses are turnable, the last thing you will want to see are scuffs, or striped marks across the upholstery of your mattress.

Please note that in order to qualify for our 60 night comfort guarantee, as outlined in our returns policy, you must use a mattress protector on all of our mattresses.

Spills and Stains

In the unfortunate event that you do have a spillage on your mattress, we recommend that the spill is absorbed using a dry absorbent cloth, and that the mattress is then left to dry naturally. We do not recommend trying to wet clean, or rubbing the mattress using abrasive materials, or using hand dryers to speed up the drying process, as these can damage the outer layer of the mattress. Chemical cleaning products are also not recommended for use on the mattresses, as once again they can damage the outer layer, and even soak into the inner layers causing further damage to the mattress core.

Please note, should you have any spillages or stains on your mattress this will invalidate your return rights, as detailed within our returns policy.

Daily Care

On a daily basis we recommend pulling back your quilt, and allowing your mattress to breath and any moisture contained within the filling to evaporate; 15-20 minutes should be an adequate period to achieve this. Please do not use vacuum cleaners on your mattress, either to remove any dust or in an attempt to draw ventilation through the mattress, as the excessive airflow can damage the infill materials.

Whilst we may all sit on the edge of the bed as we get up, we recommend avoiding doing this for extended periods of time, for instance, sitting on the edge to watch TV. The spring units are designed to provide the ideal support and comfort against a distributed weight, and therefore a continued and confined exposure to the edge springs, could have a detrimental impact to their longevity. Obviously it goes without saying that children, or adults for that matter, should not jump on the mattress because again this creates a high level of impact on a very small number of spring units.