A good night’s sleep starts with having a mattress that is right for you, and one that provides you with adequate support and comfort. But can you buy a mattress that you have never slept on, sat on or seen in a showroom? We not only believe you can, but would go further to say that buying online is arguably the most informative, convenient and most cost effective option available, when buying a new mattress.

Benefit of a Showroom?

To start with it is worth asking yourself, what benefit do you actually get from viewing a new mattress in a store, or showroom? As a perspective buyer, if you’re feeling brave, you may lie on one or several mattresses in a store, but for how long? You certainly won’t sleep on them, and what are you comparing them against?

By virtue of the fact that you are considering a new mattress purchase, it’s more than likely that your current mattress is at the end of its lifecycle, and anything you lie on will invariably feel better because it’s new. Almost all new mattresses will feel ‘comfy’ when sitting on them in a showroom, however, what is more important, for both a good night’s sleep and continued support and comfort, is the quality of the mattress components, and how it meets your individual needs.

No pressure

No sales people, means no pressure. By using our mattress Buying Guide we hope to provide you with the information you need to make the correct decision when buying your next mattress, whether that is from us, or from somewhere else. Our primary goal has been to provide a carefully selected range of hand crafted pocket spring mattresses, each with transparency regarding their specification, enabling you to make an informed and unpressured decision.

It is well worth remembering that the best mattress for you is not always the most expensive mattress you can buy, but quite often in high street stores, customers can be directed by sales staff towards specific mattresses that suit the sales the store wants to make, or the mattresses that will get them the biggest commission. With Alexandra Designs, you’re free to browse the website at your leisure, taking on board the information provided and using the mattress comparison tools to assess the differences, in order for you to make the right choice.


The price of a mattress will, without doubt, be a key consideration of any new purchase. As an online only retailer, we do not have an expensive showroom, costly stock on display or sales people to pay, and therefore we are able to provide high quality products, at a significantly more competitive price range. Equally, all of our mattresses are hand crafted and made to order, so we avoid the need for large warehouse storage charges, again allowing these savings to be passed on to our customers.


Most high street stores provide you with little or no valuable information about the mattresses they sell. Yes, they may advise the number of springs and the firmness guide those springs provide, but invariably there will be no details available about the components that make up the mattress. Its guaranteed in your standard high street shops, that the sales staff will not be able to provide the level of detail and open and honest detail we provide with regards to the spring units, the upholstery layers, or the percentages of natural materials used within each mattress.


Furthermore, since our mattresses are made to order, we can tailor the support provided to any specific mattress you choose, or price range you want to work within. Many of the high street mattress showrooms only sell stock products, and they do not carry the flexibility to change the support tension in a specific mattress, or offer dual zone support for couples with different body characteristics, or sleep requirements.

Trial period

With all new mattresses there is a settling in period, which we would recommend is at least 30 days. This is not only for you to adjust to the support and comfort of a new mattress, but also for the components to settle into supporting your specific body shape and sleep pattern. Again, this is not something that lying on a mattress in a showroom will provide you with. All of our mattresses come with a 60 night comfort guarantee, meaning that if you are not entirely satisfied with your mattress and the support and comfort it provides, we offer you the peace of mind that you can exchange the mattress for another.


With today’s technology, the internet has made shopping so much more accessible and convenient. No longer is there a need to spend weekend after weekend, travelling to and walking around numerous showrooms, trying to remember what you saw, and possibly spent a couple of minutes lay on, in each shop. Through research and experience, we have worked with our manufacturer to compile a strong selection of high quality and excellent value pocket spring mattresses, which can be compared easily at your leisure. For such a significant purchase, we believe people should understand the details of the product they are buying, and we hope that with the information contained within our website, we have provided this in one convenient location.


Finally, for that added peace of mind regarding the honesty and quality of the mattresses we sell, we can proudly confirm that our manufacturer is an approved member of the trade association, the National Bed Federation (NBF). This stamp of approval ensures that our manufacturer is regularly and independently audited, to ensure their procedures and products, meet the regulatory guidelines set within the UK, with regards flammability, health and hygiene and trade descriptions.